Company Policies and Procedures

Employers these days are required to provide employees with policies and rules that outline expected behavior. In addition, most companies have processes that need documenting in case the employee that performs that job is terminated or leaves. Global Media Services has experience with policy creation and process documentation. We can provide the paperwork for your employees to sign, as well as document processes and procedures that are important to the operation of your business.

We will work with you to adapt your policies to your specific needs. And we will spend the time to document your processes and procedures in detail, so you can rest assured that the next person or system that takes on that role is knowledgable about the tasks at hand, and able to perform those duties as expected.

Global Media Services can also work to update or rework your existing policies and procedures to help improve the effectiveness of what you are trying to convey.

Why Contact Us
  • Experience with policies in many work environments
  • We have an abundance of technical and procedural knowledge
  • We will work towards an outcome that produces documentation you can be proud of
  • We can maintain copies of your policies and procedures offsite for DR and BCP purposes
  • We can help incorporate your policies and procedures to coincide with your security and compliance measures