Industry Compliance

Reaching compliance with certain industry standards or a client's expected standards can be difficult and time consuming. Global Media Services has experience with industry specific requirements like: HIPPA, PCI-DSS, GLBA, OFAC, SOX, OSHA, and GDPR. Replacement of known outdated standards like migrating from SSL to TLS, and adding one or more VPN's to support Remote Desktop Services or effectively answering client or vendor SAQ's can be important steps in helping you reach your required compliance, and we can help.

While some compliance standards require a specific checklist, which can be complicated and difficult to understand, others require interpretation and outline a vague set of rules, which requires help from someone who understands what those rules are asking for. Let Global Media Services help you meet your compliance goals.

We will carefully go over what it will take to reach compliance, and help you make the changes that are required. We can even develop Safety Programs for your particular environment.

Why Contact Us
  • Experience with compliance standards
  • We provide the paperwork that will prove compliance
  • We will notify you of ongoing changes in compliance standards
  • We can perform outside vulnerability and penetration testing
  • We have experience with many different industries